More than organic

Our Native Prairie Grasses Tell a Story

Full Circle Organic Farm (FCOF) is a certified organic farm in Livingston County, Michigan. Full Circle Organic Farm barn in the early winter morning mistThe huge expanse of land is true to itself – rich in native prairie grasses, wild raspberries, and wild herbs. What is growing on our land tells a story of the area.

Devoting Ourselves to the Health of Our Land and Environment

The principles of organic agriculture and stewarding our environment are dear to us. Wherever we can find a better, more elegant and complete method to keep the philosophy at work, we do.

Dead ash trees from this land were timbered to create our exquisite post and beam barns, utilizing fourth generation Amish skilled labor and all of our own resources. The crew of 11-21 men stayed with us during the eight months of bringing the barns to completion during a beautiful (but hard) winter season.

Local Roots Growing Even Deeper

Always having been part of this area, it has always, too, been important to the farmer Organic Lamb looking adorablethat she keep our farm part of this community in as many ways as possible. From encouraging native Livingston County prairie grasses to flourish to calling on local skilled residents to be part of her staff, she is happiest when the roots of her efforts grow deeper into the area that surrounds her beloved farm.

Planting organic crops to compliment the land is part of her joy. The farm produces all of the certified organic hay that our animals need to have a healthy, happy and nourishing winter season.

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