Meat as Nature Intended

The Best Certified Organic Lamb in the World

Full Circle Organic Farm (FCOF) produces organic, grass-fed, ethically-raised lambs of superior genetic and culinary quality. After years of around-the-clock attention to more details than we can possibly describe, our world-class organic lamb is available to the public.

Meeting the most rigorous culinary standards possible...
... and obliging our values.

It has been done, and it is the result of one family's ultimate dream - including a 5th generation farmer, trained chef and certified chef-educator. The combination of her culinary education and skill, her knowledge and practice Organic Lamb looking adorableof animal husbandry, and her devotion to truly elegant systems has touched every process of our farm and its ultimate product: world-class organic lamb.

Each of our treasured animals is a superior specimen – the fruit of years of impeccable breeding. Our devotion to the world-class quality of our stock is ongoing and rigorous. Every single animal is studied and tracked for its genetic characteristics – from its skill in mothering to the delectable flavor and tenderness of the meat. Each animal has the ability to thrive on grass, forage, and herbs only, no grains ever are fed to our prized animals.

We are devoted to honoring our animals' nutrition and environment in any and every way that we can. We spare no detail or expense in doing so. By utilizing animal husbandry, which goes hand in hand with organic principles, the lamb is healthy and thrives giving a quality wholesome product with more flavor and superior quality. At Full Circle Organic Farm, the lambs eat a diet full of variety - quality grasses and herbs. Our pastures are native prairie grasses, organic legumes, wild raspberries, and wild herbs; such as bergamot, wild onion, and other browse USDA Organic Lamb looking adorablethat sheep like. They have clean well water available from the day of their birth.

A Superb Product Achieved

We have achieved our goal of a truly superb product by obliging our values. The lamb's life and environment is our focus, giving them the best quality food, water, and minerals. By assigning the latest and best handling techniques, current farming technology, an extensively trained, safe staff, and a commitment to the cornerstones of animal husbandry, we have a truly amazing end product: a lamb meat that is exquisite in texture with an unbelievably delicate flavor.

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